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Premiere in A!KO TAZN FEST 2023


One Second

Seconds, the first unit of time.
Seconds are split into infinity or built into infinity.
Is a second a long time or a short time?
A one-second difference between a marathon runner and a 100-meter runner will have a different meaning.
It is about the absolute and relative nature of time.

Choreographer : Jung Myung Hun 

Dancers : Alberto Serrano, John Hewitt, Alex Miklosy

Mental processes such as psychological tension, overwhelming self-consciousness, and out-of-control with uncertainty when faced with something unspecified are revealed as physical reactions. A series of processes appear as consecutive moments of an honest, contradictory, or inconsistent body. Similar but different body reactions are generated and blended with certain shapes, and energies while encountering another unpredictable cascade of situations or consciousness.


Einen Moment, Bitte!

Choreographer : Lee Seung Ju 

Dancers : Moon Seo Jin, Jiaji Cheng

Music : Lee Dae Heung

Lee Jung In CREATION 5_edited_edited.jpg


The choreography is intended to depict the passage of time as physical Expressing “flow” through the body. Flow is a work which is the journey of a stream of valley water, which one infinite flow forms, shows. It starts with inhaling and exhaling, which is the basis of traditional Korean movement. The process of expanding and expressing movement will be implemented sequentially as soon as breathing is activated the whole body is expanded.

Choreographer : LiLi Jung In Lee 

Interactive Media Artist : Kevin Blackistone

Dancers : Laura Gagliardi, Polina Klyuchnikova

Music: Lee Dae Heung

Lee Jung In 1.jpg


Diffractal is a dance piece that explores the trans-mediation of concepts, dance repertoires, and dancers' experiences in order to create a choreographic discourse that aligns with the idea of situated relationality. It is a work traversed by the desire to place the dancer and its intrinsic knowledge at the centre of the choreographic process in order to generate an ontologically entangled authorship that escapes the characteristic hierarchies perpetuated in creative dance processes. 


Choreographer : Damian Cortes Alberti

Dancers :  Kang Ye Ram, Moon Seo Jin

                  Han Jae Young, Park Jin A 

Dramaturg : Ira Goldbecher

Music Composer : Alexander Kuzin

Videographer : Constantin Georgescu

Costume Design : Julio Escudero

☘ The Project is supported by A!KO TANZ FEST 2023, RedSapata-KulturInitiative, Cie. Off Verticality, and Dr. Christodoulou Marios (QISS Vienna)

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