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Guest Performance
/ Mind of Move (Korea)

A!KO TANZ Special Invite
from South Korea

A!KO TANZ SUMMER / Guest Performance

1st SEP, 2024 / Sonnenstein LOFT @Saal 1

Mind of Move (Korea)

The name "Mind of Move" reflects the motive of moving based on the connection between the mind and body, where the mind leads and the body follows. It's an artistic group that explores the essence of the body and aims to naturally evoke inner freedom by reflecting Korean beauty onto contemporary dance. Through the unique concept of the Mind of Move team, we seek to explore deep meanings through art and the harmony of mind and body.

<Keep Distancing>

Choreographed by Jack Kim

"Keep Distancing" is inspired by Schopenhauer's hedgehog dilemma, where hedgehogs gather in winter to maintain warmth but must keep a distance due to their spines causing harm to each other. With the increasing issues caused by the coronavirus in the past, society is undergoing rapid changes and experiencing many transformations. However, looking back, we realize that even before the era of the coronavirus and currently, we have been maintaining a proper distance in human relationships. We are trapped in a dilemma regarding instincts and repetitions, similar to Schopenhauer's fable, where repetition eventually leads to maintaining a proper distance. Thus, the artwork conveys the significance of maintaining a proper distance for humans as well, which has become an essential element.

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