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Choreographers 2023


Jung Myung Hun (KR)

Jung Myung Hun continues his activities by attempting to integrate various genres with Korean emotions. Choreographer Jung Myung Hun emphasizes the importance of the expression and dance origin of Korean dance and emphasizes how competitive global content Korean sentiment is. By researching individual programs that can develop musical interpretation skills such as body balance, groove, and Urban, which can accommodate all genres, new genres are presented through dismantling and experimental attempts to break away from the old Korean performance style with Korean dance emotions and expression.
In addition, choreographer Jung Myung Hun won the 36th and 38th Seoul Dance Festival Men's Best Performance Awards and was selected as the 37th Dance Artist of the Year by the Korean Art Critics Association, and is active as an incumbent dancer and choreographer. This year, he had invited as a guest choreographer from A!KO TANZ FEST and will create a new dance piece with 3 male dancers who selected by Audition. 

Lee Seung Ju (AT/KR)

Lee Seung Ju is a dancer and choreographer from South Korea. He studied dance and dance education at Anton Bruckner Private University, Linz-Austria. He worked with dance companies such as La Veronal, Korean National Contemporary Dance Company, Shahar Binyaminiand, Batsheva-Gaga Project at Festspielhaus St.Polten, ARS Electronica Center, Ahn Ae Soon Dance Company and Contemporary Ballet project under the choreographer Regina van Berkel. Currently, he is working based in Europe and doing various activities around the world such as work as a project dancer with Company Maqamat. In addition, to dance work, it is gradually expanding the work spectrum and individual competencies by collaborating with installation, philosophy, and media art. It is conducting movement research to expand the individual body, focusing on the relationship and individuality of people interlocked with the phenomenon of society.   

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Damian Cortes Alberti (AT/AR)

Damián Cortés Alberti is a multifaceted artist born in Argentina. He studied dance at the Universidad Nacional del Arte (UNA), at the dance school Arte XXI, and at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires. In 2019 he acquired the academic degree of Master of Arts, Dance Education from the Anton Bruckner Prvaruniversität Linz. In addition, he studied Argentine Tango with renowned teachers, Theatre at the National University of Córdoba (U.N.C), and violin at the Suzuki Method Córdoba. in 2005-2007 he joined the Ballet Contemporáneo del Teatro San Martín, Buenos Aires, under the direction of Mauricio Wainrot. After moving to Europe in 2008 he developed an intense career as a dancer in the companies Art Transit Dansa, Barcelona, under the direction of María Rovira; the ensemble of the Staatstheater Darmstadt, Germany, and later the Landestheater Linz, Austria, both under the direction of Mei Hong Lin. Since 2016 Damian is a member of Cie Of(f) Verticality, Austria, under the direction of Rose Breuss. Also has been actively involved as freelance dancer, choreographer and dance teacher in different productions and institutions in Austria, Croatia, Germany, Belgium, Macedonia, Slovenia and South Korea. He currently teaches at the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität and works as a researcher in the project Atlas of Smooth Spaces, Notating, Communicating and Composing Spaces in Audio-Corporeal Practices, funded by the Austrian Science Fund for Arts-based Research. He is a board member of Red Sapata Kulturinitiative, and co-producer of A!KO Dance Festival.

LiLi Jung In Lee (KR/AT)

LiLi Jung in Lee was born in Seoul, Korea, studied from Kyung Hee University (B.A) and its graduate school (M.A). She moved to Berlin and worked with choreographers such as Meredith Nadler, Javier Sanchez. After conducting performance ‘Average Speed of Answer’, a collaborative project in East Europe (Hungary, Lithuania, Bulgaria), she worked mainly in East Europe as a solo dancer and as well as a collaborator with local Artists in Bulgaria. Selected for the international residence by Arts Council Korea, she conducted workshop, showcase and movement researches in Sofia and Tel Aviv. She danced with Korea National Contemporary Dance Company in 2014~2015, latest season of 2016, and at the same time had lectureship in contemporary dance at Korea National Sports University , Chung Nam National University in Korea. To make connection between Korea and abroad, she works with  The Modern Dance Promotion of Korea as International executive committee. In the end of 2015, she moved place to Linz, Austria and work based in European countries again to focus her own creation. In present, She has performance tour in Europe and Asia supported by Arts council Korea, Korea Arts Management Service, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture.

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