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LiLi Jung In Lee /Artistic Director 

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LiLi Jung In Lee (Lee Jung In CREATION), is a renowned Choreographer rooted in the realms of dance and convergence, actively engaging in creations both in Korea and Europe. Additionally, she is a Ph.D. researcher at the Kunstuniversität Linz. Her primary objective is to broaden the spectrum of dance performance through innovative experiments and collaborations with various artistic disciplines. Since 2010, she has been collaborating with organizations based in Austria, Denmark, Bulgaria, and Hungary successfully extending her creations in the world. Alongside her project troupe, she reaches out to a diverse global audience through extended productions, live performances, and online ventures. She is teaching her movement method at Arts institutions and universities in Korea, U.S, Europe countries, alongside ongoing performance tour around world. In 2022, She organized new dance platform 'A!KO TANZ' to make dance connection between Austria and Korea and planning the festival in 2023 under the strong supported by Sonnenstein LOFT, CID Vienna Section, several Arts Foundations in Korea.

Damian Cortes Alberti /Producer

Damián Cortés Alberti is a multifaceted artist born in Argentina. He studied dance at the Universidad Nacional del Arte (UNA), at the dance school Arte XXI, and at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires. In 2019 he acquired the academic degree of Master of Arts, Dance Education from the Anton Bruckner Prvaruniversität Linz. In addition, he studied Argentine Tango with renowned teachers, Theatre at the National University of Córdoba (U.N.C), and violin at the Suzuki Method Córdoba. After moving to Europe in 2008 he developed an intense career as a dancer in the companies Art Transit Dansa, Barcelona, the ensemble of the Staatstheater Darmstadt, Germany, and later the Landestheater Linz, Austria. Since 2016 Damian is a member of Cie Of(f) Verticality, Austria, also has been actively involved as freelance dancer, choreographer and dance teacher in different productions and institutions in Austria, Croatia, Germany, Belgium, Macedonia, Slovenia and South Korea. He currently teaches at the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität and works as a researcher in the project Atlas of Smooth Spaces, Notating, Communicating and Composing Spaces in Audio-Corporeal Practices funded by the Austrian Science Fund for Arts-based Research. He is a board member of Red Sapata Kulturinitiative, and co-producer of A!KO Dance Festival.


Moon Seo Jin /Festival Assistant


Moon Seo Jin is from South Korea and majored in contemporary dance at a University in Korea. After graduation, she received a workshop scholarship conducted by A!KO TANZ FEST and CID Vienna Section. In 2022, she performed between the United States, Austria and Germany as a dancer of Lee Jung In CREATION and A!KO Tanz Festival. Currently, she belongs to Lee Jung In Creation and continues her activities and also has released her solo choreography with Red Sapata Kulturinitiativeinin Linz, Austria.

As a Scholarship dancer of A!KO TANZ FEST 2022, she became a core member of AKO TANZ FEST 2023 to continue the work with the TEAM.

Ilona Roth / Festival Advisor

Ilona Roth is a freelance dancer, performance artist, choreographer and teacher in the field of dance and theater. She trained as a musical actress in Augsburg and Munich, received a scholarship at the Harkness Dance School in New York, where she trained with dancers from the New York Dance Companies, and completed her studies in Movement Studies and Performance at the Anton Bruckner- Private university in Linz.

 She is co-founder and director of the RedSapata cultural initiative and the tanzhafenFESTIVAL. Various artistic and curatorial projects since 2006; Ilona Roth is the winner of the Spoleto OPEN Awards 2012 (Spoleto, Italy). She cooperates with A!KO TANZ as an advisor and guide the festival directions with lots of support and encouragement for the A!KO TANZ team. 

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