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A!KO TANZ FEST offers diverse workshop with International and local choreographers in Linz to share new way of movement and build up the research creation process. 

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Constantin Georgescu 

Choreographer, Teacher

“Imitation games” is a movement workshop part of the broader topic of “Surfaces”. It addresses techniques of visual modeling and mimetic exchanges between performers, while at the same time emphasizing the tactile-kinesthetic aspects of the process. After a warm-up phase focused on types of floor-body contact and body surface perceptions, the workshop will provide games of imitation and divergence where performers can interact compositionally.

Workshop 10:00-14:00 / 8-9 NOV 2023

Sonnenstein LOFT Saal 1

Andressa Miyazato

Choreographer, Dancer, Teacher

In the "Pathways towards the Ancestral Body" workshop, I invite participants to join me on my journey through practice-oriented dance research processes. I am a PhD student at Kunst University Linz, and my research focuses on the decolonization of dance research methodologies, as well as exploring the relationship between the Global South and the Global North in the context of dance knowledge production. During the workshop, participants will be guided through various artistic explorations based on movement research and improvisation. They will also have the chance to develop corporeal scores, engage in self- history (auto-ethnography), and explore the concepts of bodily archives and repertoires as "devices" for dancers to (re)connect with their ancestral bodies. Additionally, the workshop aims to create a space for reflection and experimentation with a creative approach to the theories that will be activated through interactions among the participants.

Workshop 10:00-14:00 10-11 NOV 2023

         Sonnenstein LOFT Saal 1


Tura Gomez


The class based on floor-work technique, starting slow, taking energy from the floor and accelerating as the class progresses, strengthening the core while keeping the rest of the body relaxed and available to achieve a smooth passing through the floor and an efficient use of our energy.


Workshop 10:00-12:00 14-16 NOV 2023

                       Sonnenstein LOFT Saal 1

Collaboration with Professional Dance Training Linz

Alexandra Krzekotowska 

Dancer, Teacher

This class is based on floor work and contemporary dance technique. During this class we will practice contemporary dance movement paying the main attention to the contact our bodies have with the floor, and how in relation to the floor, the body moves in space. Centre activation and soft body enabling the movement to travel through will be our foundation. We  will be looking for smooth transitions and contact points. 

Class 10:00-12:00 21-24 NOV 2023

               Sonnenstein LOFT Saal 1

Collaboration with Professional Dance Training Linz


​Jung Myung Hun

Choreographer, Dancer

It approaches images inspired by plants deeply rooted in the ground with movement. Through breathing, and the tension and relaxation of the body, we try new movement methods that are closely related to the ground.

Workshop 10:00-12:00 28-30 NOV 2023

                       Sonnenstein LOFT Saal 1

Collaboration with Professional Dance Training Linz

Tomomi Watanabe

Dancer, Teacher

'Exploring Creativity Through Dance Choreography'

We begin by exploring a dance choreography that I've crafted, allowing us to sync in unison. Next, you'll deconstruct this choreography, infusing it with your unique musicality, personal rhythm, and emotions. In the end, you'll dance it with a different music.
Throughout this class, you'll master the process of crafting your individual dance performance. Discover the essential elements that empower you to shine as a solo performer.

Class 10:00-12:00 6-7 DEC 2023

           Sonnenstein LOFT Saal 1

Collaboration with Professional Dance Training Linz

스크린샷 2023-12-05 오후 5.46_edited.png

Carolina Avellaneda 

Dancer, Pilates Instructor

Pilates Training

In this Pilates session, you'll experience the gentle art of movement, where each movement is designed to lengthen and strengthen your muscles. Therefore, the class will be focus on refining your sense of balance and center as the anchor that supports all your movements, creating a connection between grace and precision.

Workshop 15:00-16:00, 3 DEC

                  14:00-15:00, 8 DEC

        Sonnenstein LOFT Saal 2

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